Fundraising Goals for 2016

bluebusGetting out and about can be difficult for the children at Suzanne House unless visiting local facilities such as the park.  We want to be able to open up Dublin and its surrounds for them, a visit to the zoo or petting farm, Phoenix Park to see the deer or the National Concert Hall to listen to music.  Each child has his/her own social goals ensuring they engage in social activities and access the community.  We dearly wish to ensure each and every child that stays in Suzanne House gets the opportunity to choose and attain these social goals.  A bus that can take adapted wheelchairs, oxygen machines etc. would ensure that no one is left behind on a trip out.

bedroomOne of our aims this year is to fundraise for a fourth bedroom downstairs (our emergency bedroom upstairs had to be relocated on the recommendation of HIQA).  This fundraising commenced in November 2015 with the Christmas Appeal and we are delighted to announce that we have raised just over €8,000 to date.  However we have a bit to go as structural works need to take place in order to install an electric hoist and introduce a hallway to access the communal areas thus providing privacy and dignity to the children residing in this room.

sensorygardenAs Suzanne House is a “home”, outside space is as important as inside space, therefore we are fundraising for a sensory garden where the children will be able to enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and touch of their environment and it will be somewhere for tactile therapeutic gardening to take place as well as just chilling out, if the sun makes an appearance!